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The mission of Coyote Creek Music Festival (CCMF) is to partner with diverse communities through transformative musical performances, relevant and inclusive programming, and accessible education opportunities. 


Our vision is to bring high-quality performing arts to the South Santa Clara County community to inspire, unify, heal, and transform the lives of people from all walks of life. 

  • Our programming will represent a diverse scope of composers, time periods and styles. We aim to engage with our audiences through an interactive and educational approach to performances.

  • It is a priority for us to foster a welcoming environment which is accessible to every part of our community and strive to fill a need for music educational opportunities for the families in our community.

  • By partnering with other organizations for creative collaborative projects, we hope to build relationships that strengthen the overall health and cultural sustainability of our region.

Kyle Jones, Director

Artistic Advisory Committee:
Ahmed Al Abaca
Dr. Andrew Focks

Kimia Ghaderi

Dr. Jesse Gilday
Dr. Laszlo Marosi
Dr. Camille Ortiz
Lily Raabe
Douglas Temples
Dr. Joseph Wenda