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Lily Raabe

Lily Raabe (she/her) is a theatre maker/director, educator, facilitator, and creative business consultant who combines storytelling, social justice, and bold strategic development strategies. Raabe holds her M.A. from New York University in Educational Theatre, with a focus on applied theatre and using interdisciplinary art as a sociopolitical tool for community organizing. In particular, she is passionate about the application of the arts within multi-sector community-based projects. Beyond her creative work as a director and facilitator of community-derived original performance; Raabe has over 18 years experience as a Teaching Artist and 8 years experience as a theatre manager, having worked with companies including: Intiman Theatre, Opening Act, The New Group, Oregon Children’s Theatre, Theatre Askew, and NW Children’s Children’s Theatre. She is co-founder and Artistic Director of The New Alchemists, an artist collective producing work in Seattle and Monroe WA; and Hilo, HI that builds power and possibility for diverse communities. As a business consultant, Raabe works with Scandiuzzi Krebs, a consulting firm for the arts in Seattle, WA. Raabe’s current client roster includes: Mini Mart City Park, Intiman Theatre, Wa Na Wari House, BFF.fm, The Williams Project, City Fruit, Sound Theatre Co., The Common Acre, and Sawhorse Revolution.

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